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Sit healthier, happier and more productively.

Combining ergonomics and neurology, the Limbic®Chair revolutionises the act of sitting – freeing yet supporting your body for natural movement. By stimulating your limbic system, it connects mind and emotions so you feel better and work smarter. Say hello to the more flexible, happy and focused you.

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Made to move body and mind

In the next 10 years, you’ll spend around four sitting

During a normal day involving office work and evening leisure, we're seated for about eight hours. This adds up to about four years – passive and inactive – per decade. It's time to liberate your body, using our seat to express yourself naturally.

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Finally, the natural way to sit

Millions of years of evolution – in a chair

Humans were made to move. From simple, single-celled organisms to the dancing humans we are today, movement is hardwired into our DNA, stimulating powerful subconscious emotions of joy and happiness. We channel this natural state – into a seat.

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Follow your intuition

Free your hands
Move your mind

Customise your Limbic®Chair for purpose with five in-built electronic motion sensors. Zoom and scroll more easily on your office computer? Track step count and analyse exercise levels? Game in VR with enhanced capabilities? Check, check and check.

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Supported by science, literally

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The Limbic System

Sitting on supportive shells designed to free your body, the Limbic System translates 'incentivised movements' into positive emotions.

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Neurological background

Based on an intricate understanding of the central nervous system, the Limbic®Chair is the outcome of decades of neuroscientific and medical research.

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Total freedom of movement

Weightlessly supported by the rest of your body, your hands and legs are free to operate intuitively. As they should be.

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In-built electronic sensors

Five built-in customisable sensors make everyday computer tasks – as well as VR gaming, computer-aided design, and health tracking – more effortless than ever before.

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Awarded product design

Described as an exciting approach to the design thinking process, the Limbic®Chair was the 2019 winner of the Design Prize Switzerland.

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Academic heritage

The revolutionary seat was developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, alongside medical researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Change the way
you sit, forever

We can imagine this is a lot of information to take in. A revolutionary new chair, unlike anything you've ever seen before. We get it.

Hopefully you're intrigued by the science, and curious about the benefits this chair can have for your health, wellbeing and productivity.

So we encourage you to give the Limbic®Chair a try. One thing we're sure of: it will change how you sit – forever."

CHF 2950.-

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Get inspired by these stories.

  • I love my Limbic®Chair. I typically spend 7-8 hours a day in it. Sitting used to cause me back pain, but this all but disappeared since I purchased my Limbic®Chair three years ago. The freedom of movement the Limbic®Chair provides – and the ergonomic sitting position – help me concentrate much better during demanding hours of work.

    PD Dr. Michael A. Patak


  • Sitting for prolonged periods of time used to cause pain in my thighs. Sitting in my Limbic®Chair, this problem disappeared completely. My Limbic®Chair is also giving me more freedom of movement, making sitting a joyful, fun experience. I recommend the Limbic®Chair to everyone who spends a lot of their time sat down.

    Adelheid Hess

    Owner Image-Consulting & Verlag GmbH

  • I have known Patrik ever since we were medical students at the University of Zürich. His original way of thinking always struck me. I bought two Limbic®Chairs, one of which I use at work to perform surgeries in. Patrik installed a mechanism that allows me to adjust its height using my foot, which makes focusing on my surgeries even easier. I purchased a second Limbic®Chair for my son who is very fidgety. Finally, he can "sit still" and concentrate on his homework. Like the chair, he's indestructible.

    Dr. Thomas Gutersohn


  • I have a Limbic®Chair for violin practice, which creates the most wonderful sense of freedom in my playing. My lower body can move easily and with great flexibility whilst my back is automatically straight. Your brain and body feel like they're floating. The Limbic®Chair liberates normally complex parts of the Bach solos I play. It’s been a heaven-sent gift and I would recommend it to anyone – especially during home office.

    Maya Homburger

    Classical Violinist

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