Limbic Life - a force for good

“Limbic Life was born out of a combination of scientific curiosity and a belief in the idea of inventions that can benefit humankind. CEO and inventor Dr. Patrik Künzler is certain of his company’s potential to truly transform the way people think and feel. It’s one of the reasons why he’s dedicated decades of his life to medical research on the human brain and body function.”

Early years

Following in the footsteps of Nobel Prize winner Susumu Tonegawa, at MIT Patrik studied a branch of medicine called the ‘limbic system’ – a term used to describe the part of the brain responsible for emotional response, learning and memory recall. Struck by the idea of inventing devices to improve human wellbeing, happiness and brain power based on scientific consideration of the limbic system, he decided to work backwards – inventing physical apparatus to move the mind. Connecting the functional and the emotional in a revolutionary new way, the LimbicChair® was created.

Innovation mindset

Along with his business partner and Head of Technology Mark van Raai, Patrik founded Limbic Life with a determination to optimise the link between brain and body using evolutionary science. They wanted to break the cold, traditional and aesthetic-led design of objects by introducing emotions to the equation – so people can perform better and engage with their surroundings more naturally. Winner of the 2019 Design Prize Switzerland, and developed during years of research while surrounded by the great minds at MIT, the LimbicChair® is the first realisation of this vision. Manufactured in Switzerland, this trailblazing product brings an entirely new meaning to the verb ‘to sit’.

At the forefront of tech

Imagine how much better you could perform in 3D VR if you could naviagate hands-free? The LimbicChair® makes this a reality. Our body separates hand-eye coordination and peripheral vision-spine coordination, two independent but interlinked systems. The LimbicChair optimises both, releasing your limbs so your body can move intuitively. With free hands and a weightlessly supported body, some of the cognitive load on your brain is transferred to your legs – ensuring you can focus on tasks more fully.

Limbic future

The team behind Limbic Life is on a mission to create feel-good, tech- and science-led apparatus using completely new design thought processes. Built by specialists to feel like a natural extension of the body, the LimbicChair® is just the beginning.